WIAM has rebranded itself and presents its new face as well as its renewed website


Introduction of WIAM® ICE in form of a web browser based system run on a Java Application Server


Mobile Version for iPad
Move from Java Application Server and Browser
Introduction of a WIAM® platform & WIAM® Genesis


English version of WIAM® METALLINFO & METALLINFO Online
Module fatigue strength behaviour WIAM® ZYK

1992 – 1996

Change-over from MS/DOS to MS/Windows 3.1.
Integration of “material information” and the “material selection” under a uniform user interface as material database WIAM® METALLINFO
Recording of material information in accordance with EN / DIN EN


Transition to IBM compatible PC (16-bit operating system MS / DOS)


Establishment of the information centre for the application of materials in the Institute of Lightweight Construction (IfL)