Rounders in Knowledge Management

WIAM® offers powerful software for managing product, material , test and calculation data , standards , and much more . With WIAM® you can easily and clearly collect your information , research , networking , visualize and compare . You also have the opportunity to combine the information system with other corporate systems such as CAD & CAE , PLM , PDM and ERP and ensure automated data exchange and matching besides import & export.


WIAM® ICE: The integrated system for knowledge, materials, data and values



The systemisation, processing and management of data and information helps to secure long-term know-how, increases quality and efficiency and shortens processes. Using WIAM®, companies have the opportunity to build a customised database system, which different departments such as standardisation, research & development, simulation & computing can access any time.

Advantages to for companies

  • Improvement of processes, such as Research & Development     
  • Efficiency & quality improvement   
  • Improvement of communication and exchange of experience