Compounds occur frequently in the transition between fibre composites, metal-to-metal and between fibre composites and metallic structures and represent one of the biggest challenges of the structural design. This is due to interruptions of the geometry and the transition between two or more different materials.


Mechanical connections

  • bolt
  • rivets
  • screws


Additional links

  • solder
  • welding
  • sticking
  • loops
  • Connections for sandwich constructions
    • inserts
    • onserts


Basic functions for managing connection technologies

  • Investment and management of connecting technologies with various properties and characteristics
  • Depositing of samples and series as well as the related evaluation (individually adaptable)
  • Representation of the influence of the joint geometry on the strength and failure mode
  • Calculation of shear stress distributions, stress analysis
  • Documentation of failure models, types and the specific failure behaviour of the tested sample and series