Administration of fiber composites & plastics

Specifically, for fibre composites and fibre-reinforced plastics can component-oriented material relationships in WIAM® ICE, as these are present in fibre-reinforced plastics, flexibly be applied, managed and clearly displayed. Especially the layer structure for the development of new materials and for testing of composites, matrices … require special representation and evaluation.


Basic features of the module

  • Straight forward and quick search for fibres, composites and matrices
  • Separated and joined representation of fibre, matrix and composite properties
  • Search for plastics and fibre composites with a combination of different properties
    • Indirect research for composites using characteristics of individual components
    • Direct research for composites based on properties of the composite
  • Graphic and tabular presentation of characteristics of fibres, matrix systems and / or composites
  • Representation of matrix roving and tissues, including the orientation of fibres
  • Multiple selection and comparison of properties for components or composites
  • Documentation and conditioning of samples and management of test series


Representation of prepreg- and layer generators