Laboratory & test data management

WIAM® ICE allows users to enter, manage and evaluate test data and laboratory data, quickly and easily. Automated data import, customisable approval processes and the customer-specific analysis of data are relevant for this functionality to map the workflow from the first test to the report. This module can be implemented as a standalone solution or integrated into a company information infrastructure as needed.


Selected configuration options, business dependent

  • Manual and automated data import from the testing machine (MTS, Zwick, Instron, …)
  • Directly into the data management software
  • Integration of evaluations of test series on materials and components
  • Recovery of presentable target formats for statistical analysis and error calculations
  • Evaluation of test data for extended periods to derive trends in materials development and the use of compositions
  • Multi-site data management through the implementation of a global access and user management concept
  • Interfaces to further simulation and calculation programmes
  • Individual adaptation to company-specific release and analysis processes
  • Annexes of test and audit reports as well as indexing the documents in the search