Due to the high flexibility of the information system for data management of any kind and in the installation of structures, property tables and parameters, WIAM® ICE can represent and manage all information & data connections with different degrees of complexity. It is suitable for all kinds of knowledge management approaches that arise in a company, and have not necessarily derived from material-specific requirements. In addition, individual processes of data preparation as well as evaluation and provision can be mapped.


Range of application

  • Cross-departmental management of information, e.g. data, reports, images, records, other documents and attachments
  • Investment and management of projects and internal evaluations
  • Manual and automated input of parameters, data and more
  • Management of in-house standards, guidelines and rules
  • Mapping of processes, approvals and visibility through the cooperation of several departments and departments with different task areas and responsibilities
  • And much more…
Process-supporting knowledge management system for companies